How to decode a camaro vin plate

The first concern for any buyer considering the purchase of a Chevrolet Camaro is that the vehicle is what it is claimed to be. This is achieved with a VIN decoder.

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Every vehicle manufacturer is obliged to mark each vehicle with a unique VIN number. Do not mistake the vehicle identification number for the information found on the Fischer Body number plate or trim tag. While these do share some information they detail different aspects of the vehicle. The first character classifies the division of General Motors the car was introduced by. In our case it is the number 1, which stands for Chevrolet. In our example the character is Q, which stands for Camaro.

In our case the numbers are 8 and 7, which stands for a 2-door coupe body style. For us that character is T. During the inspection process, and referencing the above book, they uncovered a number of inconsistencies. According to the numbers, the car had originally started out as a plain Jane 6 cylinder car. The car was now painted a different color, had a different color interior and a different engine.

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You get the picture. Over the years, one or more of the previous owners modified the car and tried to make it into a Super Sport. The point is it may have not been done maliciously, but the car still did not start out as a true Super Sport. And having the Super Sport option obviously raises the value of the car.

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The engine is stamped in 2 places on a 69 Camaro. One is on the right front engine pad.

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The other location is on the rough casting portion on the rear of the engine, just above the oil filter. Again I wiped off the areas I just described with brake cleaner sprayed on a rag. You need to have a clean surface, and normally brake cleaner will do the trick. The front engine pad numbers appeared to have been restamped at one time, maybe after the engine block was decked Decking in a machine process to check the flatness of the block deck for irregularities that cause compression and water leaks.

The tricky part is reading the numbers on the area above the oil filter.

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I recommend a really bright light and a magnifying glass. This should make the numbers readable. The reason this number is sometimes hard to decipher is because these engines were hand stamped, and punched onto a rough surface. According to the numbers, I determined the engine was a horsepower high performance engine, with a 4 speed manual transmission. The last numbers also corresponded with the last numbers in my VIN, which meant this was the original engine to this car.

1967-02 Camaro VIN Decoder

The numbers told me the engine was assembled June 14, which fell in line with the build date. The engine block part number that is cast into the rear of the block was cleaned with a rag and brake cleaner as well. The block part number indicated ahigh performance block used for Camaros.

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Another piece of the puzzle confirmed. The numbers on a Camaro rear axle are stamped on the top of the right axle tube. My experience has been that this area is normally pretty crusty and rusty. And this rear axle was no exception. After considerable wire brushing, I wiped the area clean with brake cleaner. Laying on my back, I shone the light on the area, while holding a mirror. I then took my grease pencil, and ran it over the numbers.

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The purpose of the grease pencil is to provide contrast with the metal of the axle tube. When I put the mirror back over the area, I was rewarded with a very sharp image of the part numbers, which I copied into my notebook. According to the numbers, this rear axle assembly had a 4.

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The axle was assembled June 16, Are you seeing a pattern starting to appear here? The axle numbers also indicated the axle to be original to the car based on the dates codes referencing June build date. I took the same approach with the other parts. Here are my findings. The cylinder heads, intake manifold, carburetor, and transmission were the correct part numbers for the car.