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The first trade mark legislation was passed by the Parliament of England under the reign of King Henry III in , which required all bakers to use a distinctive mark for the bread they sold.

The first modern trade mark laws emerged in the late 19th century. In France the first comprehensive trademark system in the world was passed into law in with the Manufacture and Goods Mark Act.

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In Britain, the Merchandise Marks Act made it a criminal offense to imitate another's trade mark 'with intent to defraud or to enable another to defraud'. Registration was considered to comprise prima facie evidence of ownership of a trade mark and registration of marks began on 1 January The Act defined a registrable trade mark as 'a device, or mark, or name of an individual or firm printed in some particular and distinctive manner; or a written signature or copy of a written signature of an individual or firm; or a distinctive label or ticket'.

Search results and your selected trade mark list will expire 20 days after they are last used. There will be no registration fee anymore.

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The increase of trademark application fees per class intends to partially offset the removal of the AUD registration fee. Customers will instead pay and file directly to the International Bureau through their portal, enabling them to interact directly with the office administering their request.

In paying directly to the International Bureau customers can be assured the correct fee has been paid based on the exchange rate at the time. Electronic channel customer will receive their trademark certificates electronically. Non-electronic channel customers will receive a printed copy of their certificates on plain paper. A note to this effect will appear in the footer of the certificate.

There is no fee associated with issuing of electronic certificates. To find out more about the benefits of filing your application with IRPI please click here Source: www.

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For more information, please check here Source: www. This system will cater for all new applications filed online under the Madrid Protocol. It is anticipated to go live on March 14, This form is for applicants who are electing to file a Trade Mark through the Madrid Protocol with IP Australia being the office of origin. IP Australia is due to complete all inbound transactions in late To support this improved functionality, work is underway to develop a solution to provide these services during maintenance periods or outages.

In light of increasing customer demand for eServices, IP Australia anticipates considering the ongoing operational viability of the traditional transaction channels, including assist e-mail, over the phone payments and corporate fax. It is anticipated that a transition from these channels is likely to occur in early to mid It represents a significant revision of Australian trade marks law. In particular, the Act seeks to strengthen and streamline the trade mark enforcement system.

The most significant aspects of the trade mark law reforms brought in by the Act are: - a revised process for the opposition of trade mark applications with a strong focus on recuding potential delays the opposition period is reduced from 3 to 2 months after the publication for acceptance in the "Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks" ; - the inclusion of a presumption of registrability for marks with respect to descriptiveness; - a strengthened customs seizures regime; an increased variety of options for the enforcement of trade mark rights; and - an extension of attorney-client privilege to fully embrace trade mark attorneys.

The amendments relating to the Trade Marks Act will come into effect on 15 April Some of the changes are: 1 Oppositions - An applicant will be required to file a Notice of Intention to Defend an opposition to registration. There have been changes to Customs Procedures as well.

The following transactions are introduced with the second release: Applications for all IP rights; TM Headstart applications; examination requests for patents; user administration for businesses. All transactions through eServices can be paid by Visa or MasterCard.

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Transaction history can be accessed any time. Built-in checks, pre-populated fields and informative help text will assist in completing transactions easily and efficiently, saving time and money. Over the coming months IP Australia will be adding more transactions and services to the portal. The majority of fee changes occurred on July 1, , with the exception of new IP right application filing fees. As from October 1, , the official trademark application fee for online filing is AUD The official trademark application fee for filing electronic or paper is AUD The majority of fee changes will occur on July 1, , with the exception of new application filing fees changing from October 1, To access the new trademark fee structure, please check here Source: www.

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New features such as the option to save your requests can be accessed as well. Furthermore, the eServices transaction history can be seen and the details can be updated.

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The services and transactions within eServices have built-in checks and pre-populated fields to save you valuable time and help ensure the accuracy of the information. The new service will be expected on May 28, This notice will be issued at 4 months and again at 2 months prior to the Renewal Due Date, if payment for renewal has not been received. A new Final Renewal Reminder Notice will also be issued at the beginning of the 6 month grace period when the due date for payment of the renewal fee has passed.

Legal basis is the Trade Marks Act , in force since January 1, Australia is a member of the Madrid Protocol. When Actuate IP conducts a trade mark search, we provide you with a search report as well as advice outlining short-term and long-term strategies appropriate to secure the brand protection your company requires. Our expert, comprehensive advice clearly presents the commercial and legal risks and considerations you need to be aware of.

We work with a close network of overseas trade mark attorneys in all key jurisdictions meaning we can assist you with any international trade mark protection in an efficient way with a clear focus on achieving the right outcome.

Business Name. Actuate IP was founded in and have assembled a team of specialist intellectual property lawyers and trade mark attorneys. Our team have come from top tier and specialist IP firms and have a proven track record of delivering commercially relevant results for our clients. Our innovative fixed fees only model means you have certainty on your legal spend and access to fairer fees. This project based approach means there is a shared and accountable focus on reaching the right outcome for your business.

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