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They steal information from blogs, google street view, and other places to fool people. I just got an e-mail back from the admin thanking me. The scammer I busted had 6 different accounts on this website!! Originally Posted by noxqzs. All the other ones like mate1. New question I was chatting with a girl tonight that swore up and down that she was from Waco Texas but when I tried my new trick, it showed her location as Nashville TN.

I sent her an E-Mail of the flower picture before we even got on chat and she clicked on it, getting all her info.

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The girl I'm talking to claims she doesn't know about the internet to use a proxy or anything like that. So A: She is lying or B: There must be another explanation? Is there any way possible that IP tracker could be wrong and locate her in Nashville? Could she be telling the truth that she is in Waco Texas not using any kind of proxy or trick, Just a average user of IE7 , but the IP being tracked to Nashville?

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Here is the info Can anyone verify it's in Nashville? Tom, This is great info, please just don't post someones IP addy.

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Even though it may be a "bad guy", it's still a privacy thing. Please be careful at what is disclosed here.

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To Honor Those who went before their time. Help improve overclockers. Get involved! Follow us on Twitter! It turns out this person was another scammer Originally Posted by WarriorII. Tom, Even though it may be a "bad guy", it's still a privacy thing. Ok Hank, I just ask be careful at what is posted while on this topic.

It's not public for everyone here to see.

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You don't want me posting it? Have half the OCF site show up for lunch tomorrow? Just be careful is all I'm asking. A Troll is a Troll. Thank you for helping too.

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You don't see any moral problem with tricking people into disclosing their information to a third party that exists for the sole purpose of obtaining information that allows you to directly address their computer with whatever intent you may have? There is a reason that messenger services and forums don't let you see the other people using them. Once Joe Random has an IP address and decides he wants to be a dick, all it takes is 15 minutes of googling to find some way to exploit the remote machine.

It is very much a privacy issue. This isn't the old west. You aren't the judge, jury, and executioner. You are accusing these people of serious grievances based on information that doesn't prove a damn thing. Originally Posted by Particle. Yea, but you aren't the police. Q 3. The one important thing that you guys have not mentioned is protection against scammers. You probably have not been on Craigslist trying to buy something or on a Dating site trying to meet someone but fake profiles are a HUGE problem!!

There are so many scammers and fake profiles and ads out there. If a person has information that says they live down the street when in actuality, you find that they are from Russia, or Nigeria, or the Phillipines, you know to avoid them. Much of the stuff you guys are talking about is way over the average user. If someone wants your IP address, from what many people in other threads have said on the OCForums, apparently the IP address is easy to get if you know what you are doing.

I understand that there are people out there that can take an IP address and use it to do bad things but if they are the type of person that hacks or does that stuff, they can do it easier then the average user already. This trick I have discovered is the only thing that I know of that you can use for protection against a certain type of internet scammer.

How to trace yahoo chat ip address

This security feature enables you to analyze login events for suspicious activity. If you see your account has been accessed from distant locations or times when you were offline, then your account may have been compromised. Although the location information makes identifying geographic regions easy, the IP address identifies the offender's Internet service provider and subsequently his address via the involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Point to your name at the top of your Yahoo Mail account, and select "Account Info. Enter your Yahoo account password, which is the same as your Yahoo mail password. Look through the list to see the time, access type, event and location of each login session. The access type tells you if access occurred through a mobile device, browser or a Yahoo program. The event tells you what was accessed, such as your mail.