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These records usually include the name of the deceased, death date and place and findings on the cause of death. The King County Archives' holdings only includes records from and Auditor's Death Records Each entry only contains a name, a date presumably date of death and an unidentified number. The entries are organized alphabetically. This index does not have many entries and is not a complete death index for these years.

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It is unknown what the purpose of this index was or what the numbers refer to. The remains were exhumed and cremated at the King County Crematory in Georgetown. The index entries contain names, dates of death and ages at death. They are not organized in alphabetical order. The King County Archives maintains a separate record of the disposition of of these cremains.

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Death Certificates - southeast King County only These certificates are limited to districts containing Black Diamond and Enumclaw. The records are organized by district, and then chronologically.

Coroner's Scrapbooks These scrapbooks are comprised of newspaper clippings relating to accidental or violent deaths in King County that were investigated by the Coroner's Office Medical Examiner. The clippings are organized semi-chronologically and are not indexed by name.

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Death Indexes - County wide , These alphabetical index entries contain the individual's name, the date of death, age at death, and death certificate number. Burial-Transit Permits , , , These forms are required before the disposition of any human remains can take place and are created after the completed death certificate is submitted. This series documents individuals who died in King County, were buried in King County or whose remains were transported through King County.

Forms include name of the deceased, date of death, place of death, age, sex, cause of death if a communicable or infectious disease , method of disposal cremation, burial, storage or removal , and the date and place of burial or cremation. Varying information includes date of birth, place of birth, marital status and name of spouse.

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These records are not indexed and are organized semi-chronologically. Also included in this series is permits for individuals who were buried or cremated in Auburn only from to Also included are disinterment permits when remains were exhumed and reburied elsewhere from to Name index to certificates. The complete death record may show, in addition, date of birth, race, marital state, residence, occupation, name and birthplace of father, maiden name and birthplace of mother, and cause of death.

The series of letter and numbers given in parentheses following each entry indicate Set, Reel Number, Page Number and Record Number of the microfilmed health records. Died Apr.

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Died Oct. Died Feb. Died January , West Seattle, Wash.

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Died Aug. Died April , Black Diamond, Wash. Died May 3, , Seattle, Wash.

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Died June 28, , Seattle, Wash. Died August , Seattle, Wash. Died Sept. Died Nov. Died Jan.

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Died June 17, , Seattle, Wash. Died June 17, , Lawson, Wash. Died October , Ballard, Seattle, Wash. Died Dec. Died March 21, , Seattle, Wash. Seattle, Wash. Died March 20, , Seattle, Wash.

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  6. Historical King County Death Records - King County.

Died June 9, , Ballard, Seattle, Wash.